Yamaha’s electric-acoustic guitars are all about the performance. The finest traditional acoustic construction is matched with cutting-edge pickup and preamp technology to make the ultimate performance acoustics.

ART Pickups

The Acoustic Resonance Transducer (ART) pickup system is designed to be the ultimate acoustic pickup – to provide the natural tone, dynamic range and accurate control necessary to truly reproduce the tone of an acoustic guitar. Purpose-specific, custom built pickup sensors perfectly balance dynamic range and feedback rejection while the contact-sensor design gives a more natural, balanced tone that the ‘string-only’ sound so common with conventional piezo systems.

Multi-way configurations offer separate pickups specifically for bass or treble, giving much more natural sound than adjustment using EQ, and the latest preamp technologies provide accurate, stage-ready control.

Stage-ready ergonomics

Designed to be played live, every detail of our electro-acoustics is designed with the player in mind. From preamps with well-spaced controls, easy to use on the darkest stage, to dual strap buttons, easy access battery compartments and on-board tuners nothing is left wanting.
Incredible acoustic guitars

Even with the best pickups, the latest preamps and the slickest ergonomics, an electro-acoustic has to have the base of a great guitar to perform well. With a choice of body shapes perfect for traditional or contemporary sounds and something to suit every player, whether adding acoustic to a band or playing the most intricate solo fingerstyle pieces, Yamaha electro-acoustics are built to be great guitars on every level and are based on over 40 years of making some of the best acoustic guitars on the planet.

Choice tonewoods, great design, fabulous craftsmanship and an incredible setup, the same on every model in our range, make sure that our electro-acoustics are great acoustic guitars, built to perform, not just interesting electronics fitted to something that looks like a guitar.