Yamaha NTX900FM

Yamaha NTX900FM Electro Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha ntx900fm

The NTX900FM is designed for the contemporary guitarist looking to expand on the traditional nylon sound.  Today’s steel-string acoustic and electric players will appreciate the design which provides greater comfort and playability. This is a versatile instrument offering a thinner body, fourteenth-fret neck joint, faster neck profile and a slick cutaway body. Various musical styles from Latin to Jazz, Pop to Rock make use of the nylon string tone which can be provided by this guitar.

Yamaha was one of the first companies to bring quality Asian construction to the worldwide market. The venerable FG acoustic, introduced in the 1960s with the famous Red Label, is the world’s top-selling guitar model of all time. In 2008, Yamaha became the top-selling acoustic and acoustic-electric guitar brand in the United States, determined by sales volume and number of units sold.

The top is constructed using Solid Engelman spruce and the back & sides are made from Flamed Maple (also known as “curly maple”). This tone wood is prized for its bright, stunning appearance and when used for backs and sides it produces a crisp, clear, less resonant tone that cuts through, making it ideal for lead playing. The slim Nato (mahogany) neck is complimented with a curved rosewood finger board.

The instruments incorporate fan-style bracing patterns that are identical to the designs used on Yamaha’s top-of-the-line handcrafted Grand Concert series guitar.

The electronics recreate the guitar’s true acoustic sound from the natural vibrations of the guitar by means of the specially designed A.R.T. transducer-based pre-amp system. This technology delivers a perfect sound whether the player performs a delicate fingerstyle piece or the more percussive Flamenco style.

The NTX900FM conveys a wide tonal range with emphasis placed on silky and rich mid-frequencies that are unique to nylon string guitars. Yamaha developed an original wood reforming technology called A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) which has been used for this guitar. The aim of this is to manipulate the wood into a more acoustically ideal condition, similar to the characteristics of vintage instruments that have been played for years. The result is a sharper tone with well controlled dissonance in the high range. A great number of musicians have found these guitars to be nearly identical to those for guitars that have been played for years and found them to be well settled, mature, warm, resonant, and clear sounding.

The NTX700FM blends fresh new cosmetics like a striking new headstock shape with warm wood rosettes and a distinctive smiling bridge profile. With this guitar, Yamaha has been able to combine the traditional feel of the classical guitar with an updated look and the most pure amplified sound you can get.

The cutaway body design offers extended playability making the NTX900 perfect use with a wide range of styles. The NTX900FM is a totally versatile instrument, capable of delivering rich sounds by everything from the subtle finger style player to the aggressive flat picker.

Soundboard: Solid Engelman spruce with classical-guitar style fan bracing
Neck / fingerboard: Nato neck with a curved rosewood fingerboard. 22 frets with a 14th fret neck join, medium to small frets, and side dots
Back and sides: Flamed Maple
Finish: Gloss natural body and satin neck
Soundhole: Oval with distinctive mahogany, padauk and abalone rosette
Bridge: Rosewood (52.5mm spacing)
Scale: 650mm
Machines: Classical style three-a-side with black rollers, nickle-plated with brown marble-like buttons
Body width lower bout: 380mm
Body depth: 90mm
Electrics: Yamaha System 61: ART 2-way pickup system (treble and bass side contact pickups), preamp with 3 volume controls – 1 for each pickup and 1 master control, 3-band EQ, tuner, battery level LED, quick release battery holder in separate compartment, black chrome end-jack/strap button.
Weight: 2.3kg
Origin: Made in China.

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